Sunday, August 31, 2008


I never dreamed that my comic creations would become calenders and car decals! Yet, that's what happened at Takashimaya this weekend. A Star Child 2009 calender and car decal were the lucky draw gifts for Breezeto5, a new online job seeker!

Then I have 6 wonderful Sec 4 ladies help me out at Kinokuniya's Sir Fong's Adventures book promo! Promoting books are never easy, but these great girls tirelessly talked to parents and kids, and for every parent or kid who stepped forward and gave a new local comic book a chance, I am blessed!

This week, I've had a great assembly talk, two great workshops and a double-comic-event at Takashimaya. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of extra hours making sure things work out, and a lot of support from Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans. I am present to the greatness that Singaporeans are, and I am fueled to continue Sir Fong's Adventures series!

After this promo, I am going to be a student at a digital story-telling workshop for one week, then it's time to get back to starting the next Sir Fong's Adventures In Science!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Assembly Talk at Telok Kurau Primary!

Hi TKPS boys n girls,

Thank you for a GREAT time at the Assembly Monday morning!

Thanks for all of you who have made orders for "Sir Fong's Adventures In Science"! I have given Mrs Sheryl your books! You can bring the money this week to the library, and you will get your ottographed book AND free bookmark!

Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and strong support!


PS. For those of you who want a book but did not place an order, please place your order with Mrs Sheryl too. I'll bring more books over!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Double Events 29 - 31st Aug!

+++ Event Number 1: +++

has sold out my first two Sir Fong comic books!

The bookstore has generously given me the golden hour/day for a book signing:

30th AUGUST 2008 (Saturday only)
(Saturday - start of September holidays)

Please help me by downloading and sending the below poster to your friends. If you know about friends who want a fun way of learning Science, or parents who want a great Science comic book for their primary school / secondary school kids, please send this to them!

+++ Event Number 2: +++

On the same weekend, my first comic-related merchandise will go on sale!

Location: Takashimaya fountain basement
Date: 29th, 30th & 31st Aug 2008 (Fri, Sat & Sun)

On sale: Star Child 2009 calender + Star Child car decals!

Star Child 2009 calender: this limited edition poster will feature 12 of the best Star Child comic strips, one for each month of 2009. Star Child is really laugh-out-loud funny, and the calender will make a great New Year gift for your friends and colleagues. This is really super limited, and I'll be there in the afternoons to sign the calender too!

Star Child car decals: these two decals are personally designed by myself. As you can see, they're both cute and hilarious. Guaranteed to catch people's eyeballs when they come too close to your car on the road. Don't miss your chance to grab these - ideal car decals for us wonderfully kiasu Singaporean drivers!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Liquid City - a new Asian comic anthology!

(Above) A page from "Alpha Gorilla" by Otto Fong

Thanks to my friend Sonny Liew, quite a few Singaporean comic artists will get a chance to see their works showcased in an upcoming anthology by American comic giant Image.

My short story, Alpha Gorilla, will also be included! This is a preview of my ultimate masterpiece - a reworking of the Monkey King mythology. After a few years of nurturing my Sir Fong's Adventures (more updates soon!), I will turn my attention towards this dream graphic novel project of mine. As you can see, it's style is more adult-oriented and realistic.

Titled Liquid City Anthology, the publication features many talented comic artists from Asia.
The quality of the artwork and stories are very high, and heralds a new age and standard in our quest to be recognised as international comic artists. The anthology will be available to all markets in November 2008!

You can see the preview pages here:

One distinctly Singaporean short story is by Koh Hong Teng. His story (sample page above) about an aging puppet master during the Hungry Ghost Festival is 100% Singaporean, and has captured my heart since he first suggested it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sir Fong featured in Kinokuniya's newsletter!

Mr Paul Lim sent me this link, and it's really thrilling to see Sir Fong featured!

Thank you, Kinokuniya!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sir Fong in RI . . . and Zaobao!

Before I rediscovered my first love of cartooning, I found a great outlet for my creative impulses as a playwright. I was lucky - my first play "Yi Zhu" became the first Mandarin local play to receive a Restricted (Artistic) rating from the authorities. The play will be re-read this coming week, but it's rated M18, so noone under 18 is allowed to attend. That picture is taken from Zaobao's coverage last Saturday.

See the main actor on the right? He's none other than Jackie Liew, Chief Editor for i-Weekly magazine. He played the lead in my play in 1992.

It was last Friday. Thank you for all the RI boys and teachers who bought copies of Sir Fong's Adventures In Science! In less than an hour, we sold another 128 copies of the book!

The handsome fella on the right of the picture above is Mr Teo Chai Yaw, RI's Prefect Master!

And by great luck, Joshua is relief teaching for RI. He was from my original form class - the batch that inspired my bunnies and Sir Fong! There's an original Sir Fong bunny!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2