Friday, May 29, 2009

Last day with AIPS kids, and first day at Expo

How many ways are there to draw Totto, the Sir Fong bunny? Apparently, the answer is "countless"!

Every kid who picked up a marker to draw a "Totto" has his/her own take on the Science bunny! The first two, featured below, are certainly two extremes: one is an amazing replica of the Chemistry-explosion Totto I drew above, another is a Totto with flaming-red Manga hair!

I forgot to inform the readers what the occasion was: today was the first day of Popular Bookstore's June Book Fest at Singapore Expo!

Again, Totto is the main attraction as the kids stopped by to try their skills at drawing the bunny boy!

And a final shout-out to my Ahmad Ibrahim comic club students! A teacher will never truly know how much (or little) impact he/she has on the students. My two wonderful Art teachers from my secondary school never heard me say "THANK YOU!" even though they both made the greatest impact on my life.

But in the end, if I've done my best in making the kids believe in their own gifts, it's just wonderful that we shared that moment in time together.

To the AIPS Comics Club: may your artworks light up many's hearts and minds.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy busy busy!

So sorry I've not updated this blog for a while! Still in the midst of drawing "Sir Fong's Adventures . . . Book 2".

There will be more updates soon! In the meantime, here's a hand-drawn, hand-coloured Totto I did using some very good Lyra colour pencils and pens!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2