Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book 2 reprint - All New Cover!

Book 2's new print is rolling out of the printers and into the bookstores in the next few weeks. To celebrate the occasion, a whole new cover is designed! While I love the original cover, which pays homage to The Matrix movie, I've decided that the topic of "Light" deserves a brighter, more illuminating cover design! 

22 other inventors tried creating the perfect light bulb before Thomas Edison. Like a work of art, this work of modern science finally came together when Edison created an integrated system of electric lighting. With each new print, I continue to find the right combination that will make Sir Fong comics shine brightly!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Totto!

How do you make a cake for someone who is having a birthday on Valentine's Day? You must admit that a V-Day B-Day Boy or Girl has got to have a special cake!

1. Design the cake!
2. Show your design to your favorite baker!

3. Make sure there's lots of hearts on the cake!

4. Get ready for a very Special Totto B-V-Day treat!

This very special B-V-Day cake is brought to you by Cake Avenue. If you click on the picture above, you can call them up for your own awesome, unique cake too!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sir Fong writes a theatre play!

Before I was drawing and publishing comics, I began my creative adventures as a playwright. 

My first dramatic script, written for theatre, was titled "Another Tribe". It was the first Singapore Mandarin play to be given an R(A) rating [Restricted (Artistic)]. My second play, in English, was "Cetacea". After it was published, it won a Book Award. A third play, also in English, was called "We Are Family". It was restaged years later by a bunch of students in the school I taught. Finally, my fourth play "Mr Beng" played to full-house audiences in Victoria Theatre in Arts Fest 1999. It was restaged in year 2000. 

By then, it was clear that my calling is Comics drawing. So I stopped writing plays, and started drawing and publishing.

6 comic books later (5 of them are Sir Fong titles), I am writing a new play. It's original title was "Black Peony". I am writing it as a tribute to my mother. Later, the director Kok Heng Luen, a prominent veteran who also co-directed my first play "Another Tribe", and the cast reworked the story. We all wanted a story that speaks of a generation of women, not just my mom. Many of our mothers and sisters contributed to our country, but their stories were often overshadowed by the men's stories. Perhaps that's why "History" is unfairly "His-Story". So, the play's title is changed to "HerStory".

I am writing a play as a way of getting back to my creative roots. This process will also allow me time to think about Sir Fong's Adventures Book 4. I will begin the creation of Book 4 in June - hopefully it will thrill you readers in a whole new level!

In the meantime, "HerStory" will be part of Arts Fest 2011. It will play two days (28th and 29th May 2011), at the School Of The Arts Drama Theatre. I hope to see you there!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2