Sunday, May 18, 2008


New: Star Child the comic strip!

This is an announcement I'm really excited to make.

Star Child is a comic strip I've created for a new online company called BreezeTo5.

It is a 6-frame strip about a foetus inside its mother's womb. Life in this womb is anything but mundane. Star Child's parents, a super-kiasu and technologically-savvy pair, could not wait for their child to pop out in 9 months' time. They decided to beat the competition by introducing a state-of-the-art womb tutor called iWoom, hence giving their kid a head-start like no other.

Star Child also gets to meet some of its dad's sperms, as they continuously crossed mountains and valleys only to find the prized egg long taken. Eventually, they became resigned to their status and made the best of their situation, providing an endless source of amusement for our Child.

BreezeTo5 is an ambitious new Singaporean venture that not only help job seekers hook up with good jobs, but also let these people discover their true potential and earning power based on their passion/interest. The portal is new, and will be officially launched after a period of testing. I'm confident that the platform it creates will make it a fast-growing portal that makes life at work a breeze from 9 to 5.

At first, there was some reservations about such an approach. How do I portray a comic that is hilarious but tasteful? And what has a comic about a foetus and sperms got to do with a job seek portal?

Well, it's a fact that the fiercest competition on earth, more nerve-wrecking than any American Idol episode, is when a million sperms vie to fertilise one egg. The winner gets a whole life - achieve immortality from spermdom - while the losers all disintegrate within 48 hours. Nothing is more high-staked and represents better the competition one faces in landing that coverted career.

There will be two new strips every week uploaded. I hope you can all support by going to the following link and enjoy the comic. If you like it, why not print it and pin them on your work table for all to share?

Star Child is inspired by "2001: A Space Odyssey", written by the late, great Arthur C Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New images of Sir Fong 3!

This month's post: MAN + MACHINE

These two images are direct from my new book. Since I miss teaching Science, I'm taking the Sir Fong characters into a brave new territory: Asian science comics.

The series is titled "Sir Fong's Adventures In Science". Book 1 is about Atoms, Molecules, Elements & Compounds.

Some of you might wish I'd stuck to the original focus of the comic: jokes. But I think Asians have been missing out on our share of Scientists and Researchers, and also that Singapore is the perfect platform for such a center for Science and Education. It is a worthy mission: how to make Science fun and enjoyable for the next generation. I hope all of you who have supported me previously will take a chance on this new book!

For those who did not get to own a copy of the original Sir Fong 1 and 2, I am also reprinting a limited number as a compilation. It will be titled "Sir Fong's Jokes From a Singapore School".

One major feature that really excites me when creating the book is that I'm using computer technology to completely create the contents! Every line is lovingly drawn and twisted to my exact liking in Macromedia Freehand.

The hard work and long nights paid off handsomely for myself. When the tutorials in the software didn't work for me, I'd call up friends for their expertise. Although the work is tough (don't think drawing in computers take any less time!), I know in my guts that THIS IS IT. I am finally becoming the kind of comic artist that I'd always dream of being!

I love drawing comics, but I never really liked the traditional paint and ink approach to drawing. I stuck to pencil and brush because, for the longest time, computers were quite clumsy. Now, Computer technology has advanced to such a stage that I no longer have to endure long processing minutes or unwieldy computer tablets.

For those who resist the transition from brush to machine, just stop and look around us.

Iron Man is about a fragile but gifted man who was just mucking about, misdirecting his talents until he got encased in a metallic suit. After that, his dream of protecting the innocent became reality. Obviously the audience loved the show: it is currently still number one in America.

The star of the show, Robert Downey Jr, never reached such commercial success until his acting talents got married to computer graphics.

Number Two in America now is Speed Racer. A movie that will give older viewers headaches, but I suspect my nephew in primary 6 will totally love. Again, it is about a man who didn't hit the heights until he got into his space-aged super car. The visuals alone are worth the admission ticket price! I won't miss it!

Pop Queen Madonna and pop prince Justin Timberlake, currently in the charts all over the world with the duet "4 Minutes", reigned by fusing their voices with computer-generated sounds. When synthesizers were first introduced into the world of music, the technology was not taken seriously, and traditional rock stars poo-pooed electronic music as soul-less.

But look at the chart now.

It really is inevitable. Man + Machine. You can do a lot of good, or you can do a lot of bad with computers. We can't stop progress, but we can steer it in the direction of benefitting mankind. We are the ones behind the wheels.

Something decidedly last century, but still enduring to me: Buddy Buddy. Enjoy!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2