Friday, November 26, 2010

Sir Fong 3 a hit across Singapore!

Before I share my new post, TWO important reminders:

1. Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention - my booth is J14. FREE Sir Fong designer bag for each book bought, AND FREE Sir Fong 2: Furocious limited print comic book with every 2 books bought!
2. WHY I HATE SCIENCE essay competition - Deadline: 15th Dec 2010. Send entry to (see previous post below)!

Here's a screen capture of the National Library stock of "Book 3 - Cells". 

As you can see, most of Book 3 are off the shelves! 

This is a clear indication that readers across the island - from Yishun to Bukit Panjang to Bishan to Jurong - is learning about Sir Fong. 

Also, as this is the post-exam period for Singaporean students, it clearly shows that students are willing to read a Science-based, curriculum-based comic book even AFTER their exams.

I'm very grateful for National Library, and its excellent use of technology in tracking books reliably and easily. Just one of those things we take for granted living in Singapore!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I actually have TWO babies this year - here's the 2nd one! :D

I was approached by HELP Family Service Centre last year. They wanted a comic book that can help people understand some of the difficulties faced by single-parent families. I've turned down comic projects because the projects were basically commercial, and I didn't quit my full-time job so I can draw forgettable commercial comics. But this one is different. I feel this one can really make a difference and challenge me creatively.
Suffering the loss of one parent is traumatic for anyone. It doesn't matter if the loss is due to death, divorce or any other reasons. The remaining parent and child/children learn to cope - what they need is respect and understanding, not scorn or pity.
Sometimes, people look down on divorcees - "It must be your fault that the marriage did not work out!" - and their children - "You don't have a dad or mom, you have no future!". These views are not helpful, ignoring that these families can still strive to do their best in life. In fact, the loss of a parent may cause the remaining family members to value and love each other more.
 I interviewed 3 families. They were generous in sharing their stories, and I'm sure they hope that their sharing would help other people in similar situations. It took me several months to work their stories into storyboards, and finally comic frames. The drawing took a few more months - that's on top of my own Sir Fong comic schedules! But finally the book is printed! Hopefully, the pictures will speak volumes and reach out to a larger readership than books of written words can!
HELP is a non-profit organisation. So the comic books will not be for sale in the bookstores. If you're lucky, your school or organisation may invite them over to give talks, and that's when the 48-page comic book will be available for free! I'll be looking forward to feedback from HELP when they start sharing the comic books in 2011!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Totto meets Singa the Courtesy Lion at Funan IT Mall

Singa the Courtesy Lion was born in 1982. That means Singapore's little courtesy campaign icon is in his late 20s! 

One reason I became a teacher was that I didn't like some bad habits some Singaporeans displayed. Not giving up seats for old folks. Not saying thank you when someone held a door for you, or cleaned your table at the hawker centre.  Using handphones during a movie screening. I used to tell my students: "if you can't give up your seat to old folks or pregnant ladies, don't tell people I am your teacher."

Many teachers must've said the same to their students over the years. And I'm happy to see seats being given up regularly on public transports. There's of course much work to do, so Singa is still very relevant today. That was why I said YES when I was invited to draw at the Funan IT Mall launch of the new Project Singa Friday. Singa is an old friend, and that's my way of contributing to better grace in Singapore.

 A bunch of spectators made my afternoon memorable. I happily drew some Tottos for students. And this group of primary school kids from Ngee Ann joined me in my drawing! They gave suggestions ("Can you draw a bunny with Manga eyes?", "Can we draw too?"), and as you can see, I listened!

Another cool aspect of the show was that each participating comic artist was given a complete set of the new Singa Action Figures! ALL 50 DESIGNS!!! Singaporean toys are few, so that made these extremely collectible and triply awesome!
Each Singa comes movable heads, arms and legs!!! AND each design has its unique accessory! For example, Cyber Bullying Singa comes with a notebook! These figures are sure to become collectors' items in the future!

If you're near Funan IT Mall this weekend, go check out the cool exhibition of the artists' works, and also look for the designs that you want to collect!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sir Fong Book 3 in Kino - AND cool new Sir Fong bag!!!

(Hey, don't forget to join the "WHY I HATE SCIENCE" essay competition! See the previous blog post below.)

Thank you for asking where Book 3 can be found! I went to Kinokuniya (both Ngee Ann City and Bugis branch) and they both carry my books! Show you a picture below!

BUT first! Here's cool free gift  No. 1 for every 2 Sir Fong books you purchase when you come for the Singapore Toy Comics and Games Convention at Suntec on Dec 10th - 12th!

This unique, eye-catching Totto the Bunny bag comes absolutely free - and carries your Sir Fong comics and STGCC free gifts in swingin' style! 

AND . . . the two Kinokuniya stores carry my books under different sections! Kino at Ngee Ann puts it at the children's comics section, while Kino at Bugis carries the title under "Young Adults" as shown below. Special thanks to Albert Chan for modelling and pointing to the books! :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010


our leading primary school newspaper, is holding a simple competition in conjunction with the launch of Sir Fong's Adventures Book 3!

If you have some free time during the holidays and would like to win the complete Sir Fong Science trilogy, all you have to do is write 100 - 200-word essay on this topic:

Deadline: 15th Dec 2010. Send entry to

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lianhe Zaobao - Sir Fong completes Science Trilogy!

Reporter: Wang Yimin. Photography: Li Baijuan. (click on image to read details)

As reported in today's Zaobao, ZbNOW comic section, Book 3 completes the Basic Sir Fong's Adventures Trilogy. The next book, Book 4, will be the start of another trilogy. There will be adventurous new formats, stories and even characters! 2011 will be another exciting chapter in the Sir Fong saga!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2