Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sir Fong Book 2 launches!

After 7 months of drawing, I have completed "Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 2"!

Today is a good day to announce the book launch because there are two items in the Straits Times:

Tomorrow, Singaporeans will see a partial eclipse of the sun between 8:40am and 9:40am, peaking at 9:11am. A monster total eclipse will be seen in China and India!
Eclipses will be covered in my new book!

The second piece of good news is that Professor Lui Pao Chuen, former Chief Defence Scientist, just received the INCOSE's prestigious Pioneer award at Suntec yesterday. INCOSE stands for International Council on Systems Engineering. In his 41 years of service to the Defense Ministry, Prof Lui grew the nation's pool of defense scientists and engineers from 250 to 5000! He is now porfessor at our two universities, chief scientific advisor to the Foreign Affairs Ministry and board member at the NUS High School of Maths and Science.

Prof Lui has graciously allowed me to include his incarnation, Professor Thunder, and CRISP (Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing & Processing) at NUS into my story!

On board "Adventures In Science Book 2" is also my new partner, LyraAsia.

They are the oldest manufacturer of quality colour pencils from Germany, and they have graciously sponsored Sir Fong to print 8 pages of full colour (afterall, a Science book on the topic of Light must talk about the 7 colours of the rainbow!).
With your support in the last year (since June 2008), Sir Fong is growing steadily and getting these excellent people and organisations onboard the second Adventures. I'd taken in many of your suggestions and made leaps in improvement.
"Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 2: Light" will be launched from 14-16th August 2009, at the Singapore Toy, Comics & Games Convention at Suntec.
Come down and be the first to get a copy of my great new adventure!

Recommendation: "Lament" by Hu Jingxuan

Hello friends! I will soon be printing
"Sir Fong's Adventures In Science BOOK 2"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will update you on this site mid-July!

In the meantime, I would like to recommend a new comic book from a very exciting comic artist. I found her work to be unique, and I see she can contribute to Singapore's comic art scene significantly. Her name is Hu Jingxuan, aka Pinkjellyo.

Her new book is called "Lament", and you can read more about it at her link here:

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2