Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sir Fong in RI TOMORROW!


I'll be in Raffles Institution tomorrow to sell Sir Fong's Adventures In Science!

As a big THANK YOU to the staff and students for being there for me at the Toy & Comic Convention, I've specially printed a beautiful, laminated bookmark free for every purchase of the comic book.

Those of you who have bought the book at the convention, please come by and claim one bookmark too! See u all at the canteen!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sir Fong in MORE bookstores!

(picture by Jonathan Choo, scanned from TheNewPaper coverage)

I just got words that Popular Bookstores & Times Bookstores have joined the growing list of bookstores now carrying my comic book! (See right sidebar for details.)

Also, I've appeared in TheNewPaper talking about my life on the 24th July (last Thursday).

Watch this space next week for more updates on Sir Fong!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sir Fong in bookstores now!

As the toy and comic convention draws to a close, several parties have approached me for collaboration. It is something I'd encountered before, but in the past I'd ignored them repeatedly using all sorts of excuses. For a few days after the convention, I wallowed in fear (you may have heard of fear of failure, but have you ever heard of fear for success?) but I must move forward regardless of it.

These few days I marveled at the love that opened to me: the friends and ex-colleagues who came forth to help sell and buy my books, the ex-students who came by to support the book launch, my friends who gave so much of their time and advise, and the parents who bought the books for their children. I could not believe for a moment I'd deserved this, and yet there they are. Encouraging me on. I used to stay far away from them, convincing myself that I'm an introvert. Now I see that it was my own fear that kept me from being a part of the human race - the part that helped friends and communities as we all grow together.

When Will Smith (the movie actor) was a child, his father took him to the backyard and taught him how to cement bricks. Day after day, Will was forced to cement bricks after brick. Some time later, he made a wall. Then he realised that if he did not put up the bricks, there would be no wall built. In other words, we must, brick by brick, build our dreams - the dreams do not build themselves. No one but ourselves can build that wall. So everything I do, it is a brick cemented towards my dreams.

I am no longer running away from those who are dear to me.Thank you for your friendship. I will not let you or myself down!

Otto Fong

For those of you who could not make it to the convention, here is the list of bookstores now carrying Sir Fong's Adventures In Science Book 1:

Big Bookshop - Clementi, Harbourfront
Borders - Wheelock Place, Parkway Parade
Kinokuniya - Takashimaya, Liang Court
MPH - Novena, Robinson Rd, Raffles City, City Link Mall
Page One at Vivocity
Select Books


There will be more bookstores to follow, and I will update you once they load up the book!

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2