Thursday, September 20, 2007

CDC Comic 2001

Kayne West and 50 Cent released their hip hop albums on the same day, and 50 claimed he would quit the music scene if West outsold him in the first week. West's "Graduation" sold 957,000, while 50's "Curtis" sold 691,000 in the United States. I bought both artists' previous albums, and was as drawn to West's intelligent grooves as I was unimpressed by 50's worship of gangsterism. Stronger, Mr West!

The above was a piece I did for a Community Development Council comic book project.


Kong Jian Hao said...

Erm, sir for the science Project, our group choosed helium, and thought of a briliant advertisement already... But... we realised helium does not form any compounds...

Erm, and we have already spent much time on the skit... Is it possible to call the rare metal (hydrogen + a nucleus, forgot the name) combine together would form helium. is that counted as a compound? Reply fast pls!

Anonymous said... crazy sec2 project still exists? ahahahahahahaha...i'd give anything to take in lieu of my promos man. shiet.

and btw, cool cdc comic mr fong.

otto fong said...

Hi Sajer, oh dear, why choose a noble gas? How??? This is where u haf to be extra creative. The marking rubric is clear: there must be a compound -- so, get ur brain juice churning!

Hi Wei Han!!!!!

savante said...

Kudos on your Fridae comments. :)

Good God. Noble gases and all - I left my chemistry back in form six! :P

Anonymous said...

We chose hydrogen instead..

Cover of Sir Fong 2

Cover of Sir Fong 2