Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Buddy Buddy p37 + p38

After some long search in Youtube, I finally found my favorite Thai commerical! I have no idea what's it about, but I just love the grooviness of it all.

Sir Arthur C Clarke, author of one of my favorite science fiction movie/story "2001: A Space Odyssey" passed away at age 90 in Sri Lanka.

Aside from the movie, Sir Arthur also predicted communication satellites, and inspired Gene Roddenberry to pursue the creation of enduring tv series Star Trek.

I found it particularly strange because only in January did I somehow worked a little bit of Sir Arthur into Sir Fong 3!

A sci-fi geek since my secondary school days, 2001 blew my mind. The story traced how ancient apemen were prompted to evolve by aliens.

In a classic scene, spaceman Bowman survives a malfunctioning, murderous super computer, called HAL 9000. Now this was created in 1968, long before the battle between man and machine got updated in the Matrix series.

Spaceman Bowman then was transported into a space/time tunnel, where he famously exclaimed, "it's full of stars!" Then, he encountered the forces that kick started Mankind's evolution.

At the end of the movie, Bowman is no longer a human being, but a powerful Star Child. He has taken the next step in evolution.

The movie was powerful because it expanded the possibilities of mankind beyond Earth, for myself as a gawky teenager, and I'm sure for millions of other people.

As a sign of Sir Arthur's enduring legacy, I worked the Bowman scene into Sir Fong 3 in January!

As you can see, Sir Fong sees (something), and exclaims, "it's full of stars!"

The timing between my use of a 2001 imagery and Sir Arthur's demise is freaky!

Finally, Buddy Buddy continues.

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